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Tunes & Toons

Here are a couple of my recordings for your listening pleasure. These first two are written around kids' improvisations. I'll post new ones, both commercial and non-commercial, as I get around to it.

Spiders in Webs, my latest collaboration:
Here is the original, only slightly altered, made up on the spot. (1 meg, 45 seconds)

Here is what I did with it. (1.5 meg, 1 minute)

I chose to treat the pitches that this child sang as accurate and intentional (rather than out of tune diatonicism), transcribing, harmonizing, and orchestrating them as such. This led me down paths I would probably not have thought of left to my own devices.

Walkin' the Line, an older sound collage that I recently began reworking. I'll do more with it when I can. (800kB, 33 seconds)

Each project suggests its own shape, style, and form. I just try to follow the suggestions in a way that pleases me artistically.

My idea with these kids' recordings is to start with the child: his/her imagination, content, and delivery, and to go from there.

FableVision Animation Demo, recently unearthed:

FableVision is the media company run by my old friends and collaborators Peter (my illustrator) & Paul Reynolds. Here is their original 1997 animation demo video for which I composed, played, and recorded the music some time ago. Making this was hard work and great fun. The original audio and video masters are both lost forever, so this was taken from an authentic historical VHS tape. You can tell it's truly authentic from the TRACKING notice at the beginning, as well as the ummm, less than optimal video quality.

Behind-the-scenes notes: No synthesizers whatsoever were used, and no living organisms were harmed in the making of this video. If I remember correctly, I played over 40 dagzillion instruments on the soundtrack. Among them were piano, guitars, banjo, mandolin, tenor mandolin, bass, recorders, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxes, erh-hu (Chinese violin), a folk harp, saw, various drums and bones, slinkies, scrub brush, a huge dictionary (!), zoob tube, shakers, a broken mandolin with a broken neck, and many more.

Compositionally, I had an important choice to make when writing the music for the demo -- whether to ignore the many many video edits, and just write music that went on its merry way, taking no notice of the visuals, or to write "with" the edits. You'll hear which decision I made.