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For starters, I have just one free music lesson for your learning pleasure… and just plain pleasure. I'll post more as they become ready.

I love analyzing music—including music that some might not think of analyzing. There's plenty to be learned from the composition and orchestration of even a short and fairly simple piece… a 30-second jingle from the 1960s, even. Over the course of fourteen minutes, I delve into this piece to reveal what's going on underneath the hood. I guide you through the thises and thats, with animations, explanations, and lots of circles and arrows flying into the music notation. Light, fun, educational… and free for the viewing, I present to you…

The Prize Outside the Box: A Musical Dissection of the Cracker JackŪ jingle (14 minutes)

If you're not ready to take the leap to clicking on a 14-minute video, here's its 30-second ad.